Art Of The Ninja: Earth

Art Of The Ninja: Earth
First Book in the Shadow Legacy Series

Monday, July 6, 2015

That last book in the Shadow Legacy series is now out!

Here it is for all of you waiting, and waiting, and waiting - the final book in the Shadow Legacy series - Rebirth of the Ninja: Spirit

Here's the link to order it now.  I believe my publisher will have it for FREE as an ebook sometime soon.  Enjoy!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Rebirth of the Ninja: Spirit

Coming Sept 2015 is the last book in the Shadow Legacy series

Rebirth of the Ninja: Spirit is sure to be a fantastic ending to an amazing 5 book series.  Fantasy that reads like a good manga defines this series and it's the only one of it's kind.  If you haven't given this series a try you might be pleasantly surprised. Stories written by TJ Perkins have the reputation of "you can't stop reading once you start!"  All books by TJ Perkins will capture your imagination and keep you glued until you finish.

TJ Perkins is a rare author that has books expanding from ages 0 - 20. Start reading very young and keep going until you're all grown up!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Shadow's Master - All New Short Story

His life now a ruin by the very shadow jutsu he was born to weld, Tsubasa must learn to enslave the living energy or become a slave to them. With all else worth living for gone in his life, he strives for nothing more than to be the ultimate assassin, a feared killing machine and the shadow’s master.

Get this short story spin-off from the Shadow Legacy series that covers the past life of Tsubasa, the mysterious assassin from Book 2 Power of the Ninja: Fire, only .99 on Kindle. FREE Jan 5 to Jan 9.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Finally Released - book 4 in the Shadow Legacy series

It's been a long time waiting for it, but it's finally out and ready for purchase Truth of the Ninja: Air.  Available as ebook or soft cover you can get it anywhere and in any format.  There will be a select time for the FREE Kindle select and I will let you know when.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

FREE short story Shadow's Daughter

I've written a short story about Jewel, Duncan's older sister.  This is an off-the-grid story spin-off from the Shadow Legacy series.  I'm hoping the reader will get to know this elusive character a bit better.  Enjoy!

For a short time Silver Leaf Books is releasing Shadow's Daughter as a Kindle exclusive short for FREE Jan 5 to Jan 9.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Short Stories/Back Stories

I now have out an all new short story that goes with the Shadow Legacy series.  This is about Jewel, Duncan's older sister and takes place before the Shadow Legacy series.  Enjoy!

Shadow's Daughter: Flight of the Fox can be purchased for .99 here:

Brief Plot Summary: 

Once a killer and thief for hire, Jewel is reluctantly being controlled by a mad man bent on world domination. Her brother's life hangs in the balance and she must use every trick at her disposal to save him and obtain a rare magical artifact or lose that which is most precious to her.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Reviews Posted

Several reviews of Art of the Ninja: Earth, Power of the Ninja: Fire and Heart of the Ninja: Water have popped up on Kindle and Goodreads.  I also put them on my website  and on Silver Leaf Books website

It's awesome to get such wonderful feedback. Please feel free to post your comments!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Dark Ninja Arts

What is considered the Dark Ninja Arts?  As we all know the ninja uses trickery as much as he/she can to win a fight.  To loose means death.  There are no other options than to win.  But there is an honor to the fight/battle and to winning, and to do so using the utmost deceitful trickery is considered a dishonor.

Many may think, "So what? I would do what I can just to win if it meant living."  True. But to call on the dark forces to do your bidding is not honorable.  Think of it as cheating during a game or competition. If you win and get the trophy under deceitful terms was it really winning?

Duncan Kimura and his team face such foes in further books of the Shadow Legacy series.  They share inner struggles with what is right and wrong, honorable and dishonorable, during a battle.  "But they're ninja!" you say.  Yes, but there is deep honor in the ninja way.  Think about it....

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What's Shadow Legacy All About? (Radio Interview)

I think I explained it nicely on Geek Radio.  This link has the entire show, but you can get right to my interview by skipping ahead to time slot 57:32.

Truth of the Ninja: Air (Teaser Read)

Here is a taste of what book 4 holds:

     Out of the dark foliage a figure dressed all in black burst from the trees, cleared the distance in one tremendous leap and landed on the deck of the boat with katana drawn.  He quickly engaged me and I front snap kicked his sword out of his hand before he had a chance to blink and landed a series of kicks and punches to his midsection, all of which he blocked, and then retaliated with a few of his own.  A palm strike to the chest and leg sweep took me down as he moved for his sword and I, in turn, took his feet out from under him before he took two steps.  Once on the deck we continued to pummel each other with back leg kicks, side kicks, punches and double strikes.

     In the background I could hear Lady Gina and Uttam fussing at each other about the boat not wanting to start and out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of several black figures swimming for the boat.

     I side-kicked my opponent so hard he flew backwards and landed by the railing in a curled up position, holding his ribs.  “We have company!” I shouted and rushed toward the side of the boat to engage the new arrivals; brandishing my short sticks.  They came crawling up over the side, one at a time, and I encountered each one in turn; busting skulls, smashing fingers and breaking bones as fast as they tried to come on board.  Blood and bodies floated in the river and I knew it would only be a matter of time before the crocodiles would make their appearance, but that didn’t stop the assassins from surging forward.  More approached the boat as the poison darts resumed their deadly flight.  “Uttam!  We can’t wait any longer!”  I shouted as I spun and twisted and just barely missed being grazed by a dart, while I continued to kick and punch my way through the new wave of assassins trying to climb aboard.  “Hurry up!”

     I was suddenly grabbed from behind and used the distraction to my advantage.  I sunk low in my legs and landed several elbow strikes until my opponent cried out and his grip loosened, and then flung him over my head.  He landed in such a way that four assassins climbing on board were knocked back into the water, clearing the side completely of targets.  I heard the engine finally kick over then rumble to a full healthy start and knew I had to get rid of this last guy before we took off.  I grabbed him by the front of his shirt and hoisted him to his feet.

     “Who sent you?  Why are you here?” I shouted in his face.  He grunted and groaned and refused to answer, and just as I reached for his mask a cloud of darts headed my way.  I turned just in time and used the assassin as a body shield.  His back was pummeled and as the poison set in his eyes rolled back and his body went limp in my hands.  Death was quick and painless.  I tossed him over the rail just as the boat lurched forward and we sped down the river.