Art Of The Ninja: Earth

Art Of The Ninja: Earth
First Book in the Shadow Legacy Series

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ninja Magic

OK, what is ninja magic?  Realistically it's a form of trickery a ninja uses to intimidate their oponent, to strike fear or to manipulate the situation to their advantage.  The ninja in Shadow Legacy do the same thing, but their magic is within as well as without.

We all have great inner strength and inward magic.  How we use it is up to us.  To achieve great control and focus is a must for projecting magic.  It will enable you to  project a sound, forcing your oponent to look away; project a vision for only a split second to confuse them; or to actually make them feel like time is standing still.  With their movements sluggish and the feeling of being overwhelmed and controled, your oponent will begin to succumb to their own demise.

The achievement of ninja magic takes years of practice, patience, focus and lots of meditation - something Duncan hates.

But beware the Dark Ninja Arts.  For centuries, debate has been tossed around as to exactly what is ethical to use and what is considered unethical to use.  The goal of the ninja is to win - no matter what - so some say it doesn't matter how you kill your target.  Still others feel that there is no honor in killing through horrific trickery.