Art Of The Ninja: Earth

Art Of The Ninja: Earth
First Book in the Shadow Legacy Series

Monday, December 24, 2012

The Making of a 'Good' Villain

It is said that in order to create really great characters that your readers care about you must absorb yourself into their psyche; you must take a part of your own personality and place it into ‘them.’  I’m sure many of you have done that – think back – go on…ahhhh, so you remember how that damsel in distress was a part of you when you were going through a tough time, or how the great warrior in your latest fantasy novel resembled your thoughts and feelings on a matter.  This is all great and wonderful for the good guys in a story, but what about the bad guys?

The same holds true for the villains – yes, the author’s darker side.  Sure, everyone wants to see the hero triumph, but in order for that to happen you have to have a really good bad guy, someone that will challenge your hero, someone who will throw out all the obstacles that he can to make the hero really struggle.  But to love the hero one must also love the villain.

It’ll take an exceptional villain, one with much evil, dastardly doings and underhandedness to capture your reader’s hearts.  He or she will have to pull out all the stops and really be nasty to the hero, doing all they can to destroy him and thwart the whole saving the world thing.  But how do you do that?

Unfortunately, my friend, you’re going to have to get evil.  Yes, that’s what I said.  You need to think mean and nasty, and allow the dark corners of your demented mind (and yes, I know you have them) to trickle out.  You have to actually draw out from your being all the demented, twisted ideals from the very fabric of your soul and entwine these ideals throughout the story.  The villain will challenge the hero from the very beginning and the storyline must have a balanced roller-coaster ride of really bad stuff happening, then a lull, then more bad stuff happening.  All of which the villain is instigating.

If you’re having trouble coming up with great ideas for the bad guy to do to the good guy think of opposites.  Example:  In a store line someone may allow another person to cut in line.  What’s the opposite?  What mean thing could be done?  I’ve found a lot of negative, dastardly stuff in cartoon movies, anime, or even by watching some of the best villains in current HBO shows.

There are actually a lot of great ideas out there, you just have to look.  Once you find them you must embrace the dark side, allow your villain to be the most evil, scheming, conniving villain he/she can be, and make your readers love to hate him/her.  Give them a twisted since of humor.  Make them sarcastic.  Make them a complete asshole.  The choice is up to you.

Go, now, and create.  Enjoy the dastardly events that will make your hero miserable and the reader cheer, yet cry, when your villain is defeated.

Happy Writing!

TJ Perkins

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Magick & Lore in Writing Your Next Novel

Fantasy is branching out and I'm coming at it full force in my next novel Runes & Relics.  I've already started writing it and I feel people are really going to jump on this transitional fantasy/spiritual lore based story.

I had a blog posted about this subject several months ago.  Have a peek.

More coming in upcoming blogs

Still only .99 Art of the Ninja: Earth

For those of you who are eagerly awaiting the release of the second book in the Shadow Legacy series I'd suggest you read book 1 first if you haven't already.

Art of the Ninja: Earth is only .99 on Kindle only.  Silver Leaf Books is keeping this special pricing in anticipation of the release of book 2.  You can also go on the publisher's website and order the paperback version of book 1 directly through them and get it for only $10.00!!

While you're there, check out the book trailer for book 1

Book 2 Power of the Ninja: Fire

Silver Leaf Books has release book 2 in the Shadow Legacy series entitled Power of the Ninja: Fire.  More magic, more battles, and more mystery building.  Duncan is realizing the power dwelling within him is ALIVE and is gaining a mind of its own.  He's learning and doing more with his abilities, but the enemy is on to him and want to extract his power for their own uses.  It will be a fight for survival, especially with a deadly Shadow Master hot on his trail bent on the ultimate battle.

Book Trailer coming soon, but you can now see the cover art at

You can read a sample on my website just click on the cover art and enjoy!

Following Your Dream

It's been awhile and here I am.  I must say this has been quite a summer and something wonderful happened that made me realize my dream.  My teenage son became very interested in photography and digital art, excellent in school and, just this year, got accepted in MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art & Design) for a 6 week summer program. He got $1,000 scholarship and a letter of recommendation.  He excelled and learned a lot and now that he's begun his final year in high school, MICA is looking forward to his application.

He's realized his dream and is taking all the right steps to get to where he wants to be - just like me and my writing - and so can everyone.  Set you goal, stick with it, ride the waves and roll with the tide; search out every nook and cranny until you've exhausted all your options.  When it looks like you've done all you can do, well, there's always something else.

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